Conventional offices v/s co-working spaces: how are they different?

Conventional offices v_s co-working spaces_ how are they different_

We are all flowing in the river of trends that keep coming in. But are all directions bad? Coworking is an idea that many leading companies are taking up and we would all agree how it is beneficial in numerous aspects and terms. Setting up a traditional office is yes, a personal approach but what’s working is co-working!

Let’s see some of the differences and compare the pros and cons of conventional and coworking spaces.


Co-working Space – What is it?

A coworking space is a shared office where several employees can work together in the same room. The number of these institutions has increased everywhere. Coworking spaces are more important now that there are more entrepreneurs since it makes it simple to set up an office.


Conventional Office Space – What is it?

Compared to a shared area, a traditional workspace is distinct. You choose the style, furniture, and interior design of the room. Furthermore, since you own the property, you can effectively manage the office. It might be expensive, but it might be worthwhile.


Pros and Cons of Co-Working Space:

Well, who isn’t aware of this one? Budget-friendliness. Yes, co-working spaces significantly reduce the budget especially if the team size is small. You could be paying 40% less than your usual cost and it will all be worth it. Another cherry on top is the exposure to other professionals. With problem-solving being a daily task in corporate life, meeting and exchanging with other professionals could really help your team members grow. And it’s always better than dull and boring work from home since it gives a sense of purpose. But it’s not all gold. Everything comes with its cons, and so does co-working. The con list for it starts with the major factor of distractions. While exposure could be good when controlled, too much of it could cause distractions. The design of the office and the habits of other people working will definitely determine the dos of your team members. Adding to the list comes lesser control over the available facilities. Storage area, hygiene, and other required facilities need to be taken into account.


Pros and Cons of Conventional Space:

Want to design your own office space? Conventional methods got you. Yes, conventional office spaces can let you design and customize according to your mood, your team’s enthusiasm, and requirements. At the same time, it will allow you to let your office culture be followed. But all of this comes at a cost. The cost of huge investments in the beginning. The permits for getting your own office is also an add-on task. Yes, the resources may be better available in the traditional office setup but at the same time, there are high chances of them getting wasted.

With this clear picture, it is you to better understand what meets your office needs better! Align your business goals with the pros and make the appropriate decision. 22 workspace is one of the best workspace locations in Delhi if you want to be in the heart of Delhi. It has high accessibility, 24h surveillance, and good wifi connectivity.

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